Born 29.1.2017



2018 4th SM-DR8 2x7.7km, the best Siberian husky team  in Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2018 5th in Europe,  EM-SP8 RNB 2x5km European Championships Nybro Sweden

2019 REK3 MD12 2x42km Kuusamo Finland

2019 REK2 DR4 SHS iloinen kevätkilpailu, Lohja Finland

2019 5th (1st RNB) SM-DR8 2x7.7km Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2019 1st, REK1 RNB DR6 2x7.0km Alma Off-snow, Mikkeli Finland

2019 3rd RNB, MD12 4x7.7km in 10hr time-slot, with 380kg weight pulled, Jämi MD 2019, Jämijärvi Finland

2020 2nd RNB REK1 DR6 2x7.0km Alma Off-snow, Mikkeli Finland

2020 7th (3rd RNB) SM-DR8 2x7.7km Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2020 8th/24 RNB, MD10 4x7.7km in 10hrs with 330kg weight pulled, Jämi MD 2020, Jämijärvi Finland

2022 4th RNB, REK3 MD4 3x33km, Ruunaa Race 2022, Finnish mid-distance  championships, Lieksa Finland

2022 1st, REK1 DR4 2x5km Lappeenranta Finland

2022 REK3 DR8 2x7.5km Finnish sprint championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2022 4th, REK2 DR4 2x5km Iloinen SHS syyskisa, Vantaa Finland

Working dog tests

2018 YLE2 51/60p, Finnish Championship working dog test, Ikaalinen Finland

2019 YLE1 57/60p, Working dog test, Loppi Finland

2022 JOH1 55/60p Finnish Championship working dog test, leader class, Kannus Finland

2022 FI KVA-REK, Finnish Working Dog Champion


2018 SA NUO-ERI NUK2 SA, Excellent, worth a certificate, Helsinki, Finland

In the pedigree of Vetoava Elegia, the finest lines Finnish and Swedish/Norwegian working dog lines unite:  Father Kiri is with his World Champion father (Barak) and Finnish Championship mother (Winona)  one of our best dogs. Tiara comes from Vargevass background, full of long distance leaders. - Please click the pedigree to see the online -version of it.

The Arctic Expedition Sled-Dog Racing Team  in action in the Finnish non-snow Championships, Jämijärvi 2020. Leaders FI KVA-REK Vetoava Elegia - FI KVA FI MVA Kasakan Jack Sparrow ‘Nappi’,  team dogs: Vetoava Fiona - FI KVA-REK Sainen NIba ‘Nimba’, FI KVA-REK Vetoava Gamot - Vetoava Cinnamon ‘Sinna’ and wheel dogs: Vetoava Irgad - Vetoava Hoavdi ‘Havdi’. Result was pretty ok, 3rd in huskies :) (Photo: Kimmo Virkki)


Moon Runs Cannonball ‘Cannon’ x

Vetoava Elegia ‘Elegia’

FI KVA-REK Vetoava Elegia enjoying running on the beach (8.2021)




Sisters and brothers


Icesmile’s Kirima


Moon Runs Tiara


Vetoava Ealas

Icesmiles Kirima ‘Kiri’ x

Moon Runs Tiara ‘Tiara’


Vetoava Energiija


Vetoava Muotka