Born 2.2.2017



2018 4th SM DR8 2x7.7km, the best Siberian husky team, Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi, Finland

2018 5th EM-SP8 2x5km, European Championships Nybro Sweden, Freija was in the lead.

2019 REK3 MD12 2x42km, Kuusamo, Finland

Working dog tests

2019 SM-REKÄ JOH3 44/60p, Finnish Championship working dog test, Ikaalinen, Finland


2019 SA Käy-ERI KÄK3 Eura, Finland - Worth of a certificate, 3rd in working dog females class

2018 Jun-EH JUK4, Helsinki, Finland

Vetoava Freija  is here leading the team with Kiri. - Tässä Freija johtaa letkaa Kirin kanssa.

From his father’s side, Freija is fully descendant from famous Vargevas-line. Her granddad is Nathan av Vargevassa, the famous Vargevass leader. She has several Finnish Champion and World Champion ancestors from her mother Beata’s side. - Please click the ancestor chart to see this online.

Vetoava Freija  (21.7.2018) posing at Helsinki dog show.  She received qualification VERY GOOD in the youth class.