Born 19.4.2020

The K- and L-puppies playing and running on a sandy beach during our summer trip 2020. From left to right: Vetoava Loki, Vetoava Kiuta, Vetoava Kaje and Vetoava Likta.

Friends have conqured the hill. From left to right: Vetoava Kaje, Vetoava Kiuta, Vetoava Loki and Vetoava Likta (7.2020)


2020 KP Honorary Prize, small puppies class, the Finnish Siberian Husky speciality show Espoo, Finland

2021 VARA-SERT SA NUO-ERI NUK1 PU2  - Reserve certifcate, 1st in youth class, 2nd best male, Heinola Finland

2021 NUO-EH, Siberian husky speciality show 2021, Hirvensalmi Finland

2022 SERT SA AVO-ERI AVK1 PU2 - Certificate, 2nd best male, open class, Kangasniemi Finland

2022 VARA-SERT SA, AVO-ERI AVK1 PU2 - Reserve certificate, 1st in open class, 2nd best male, Loviisa Finland

2022 SERT SA AVO-ERI AVK1 PU1 - Certificate, best male, 2nd best in breed, Pöytyä Finland

26.9.2020 in the Finnish Siberian Husky Speciality Show Vetoava Kiuta received in puppy class a KP (Honorary prize) in the young puppies class. Kiuta is here 5 months old

In Pöytyä dog show, Kiuta received his 2nd Certificate (6.2022) He was the 2nd best Siberian husky in the show.

The Kangasniemi dog show (5.2022) was the show from which Kiuta received his 1st certificate.

Extracurricular activities

Not only a nice sled dog, but Kiuta is also definitely the swimming champion of the Vetoava pact... :)

Kiuta’s puppy times went nicely playing with buddies. He really likes people patting him.


Kasakan Jack Sparrow ‘Nappi’ x

Vetoava Freija ‘Freija’



Sisters and brothers


Kasakan Jack Sparrow


Vetoava Freija


Vetoava Kaje