Born 25.4.2020

Friends have conqured the hill. From left to right: Vetoava Kaje, Vetoava Kiuta, Vetoava Loki and Vetoava Likta (7.2020)


2020 PPEK4 (4th), KP Honorary Prize, small puppies class, the Finnish Siberian Husky speciality show Espoo, Finland

26.9.2020 in the Finnish Siberian Husky Speciality Show Vetoava Loki became 4th in small puppies class and received in puppy class a KP (Honorary prize) in the young puppies class. He is here 5 months old

Vetoava Kaje posing in the early winter of 2021 (1.2021)

Vetoava Loki posing (1.2021)

In winter 2020 Loki started a new type of modeling business for us :)  He was selected to pose with a beautiful lady model in a modeling show picture. - Here the human model has left the picture (to warm her up) but the dog model still remains (as he doesn’t need to warm up)