Born 6.2.2018



2019 5th (1st RNB) SM-DR8 2x7.7km Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2019 REK1 DR6 Alma Off-snow, Mikkeli Finland

2019 3rd RNB MD12 4x7.7km in 10hr time-slot, with 380kg weight pulled, Jämi MD 2019, Jämijärvi Finland

Havdi’s dad is our working dog champion Nappi, whose dad is former dog sledding world champion Nordviken’s Tigeröga, coming from fine Swedish lineage.  Cheetah comes from famous Alaskan racing lines. His mother Sinna is our strong leader dog, whose parents Kiri and Ava are fine racers. - Please click the ancestor chart to see the pedigree and the dog’s uptodate info online.

”The flying dogs”: The racing team Arctic Expedition in the Finnish dryland Championships 2019, Jämijärvi Finland. Note that about 32/36 legs are in the air :) - Nappi-Tiara (lead), Elegia-Nimba (point) - Freija-Kiri (team) - Gamot-Havdi (wheel)

Havdi (left) and Gamot (right) getting ready for the first round of the Finnish dryland Championships 2019, Jämijärvi Finland